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No more cobras


No more cobras


Rejuvenate the brand present Zovicrem as a solution for cold sores.


Do away with the dreaded "Cobra movement" that bodily inclination that manages to avoid even the most tender kisses. And cold sores are enemy enough!

No more Cobras marked a before and after in the world of kisses. It was an idea that materialized in A campaign microsite where, besides reliving a cold sore using the scroll, we offered users the ultimate solution: the NOMÁSCOBRAS app. An app that gets your victim, who used to "do the cobra", drop their guard leaving enough space to plant a kiss.


After launching the campaign, the Cobra's number was up: more than 3,370 tweets that made the #nomascobras hashtag trending topic on Twitter, blogs echoed it with over 200 entries and there were over 13,000 views on YouTube of the campaign video the first week.

Pride 1 - Cobras 0!

With NO MORE COBRAS we increased the number of followers by 224% compared to the goals set by the client.

In addition, we surpassed the goal of views on YouTube by 407%, campaign web visits by 172% and and app downloads by 52%.

Increase of 10% in product sales compared to the pre-campaign period.