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Es la hora del recreo

Mini Babybel

Es la hora del recreo


To conquer the playtime scene and generate a brand experience capable of bringing parents and children together around the brand.


Mini Babybel is the perfect playtime snack. The packaging is extremely resistant and children love playing with the wax coating. How could we conquer the playtime area through the internet? Our message had to reach a sector that included mums with children aged between 5 and 11 years old; such an active sector that faces a bombardment of information every day. We had to launch a powerful yet moving campaign.

To do so we created “Its playtime”, an initiative aimed at connecting the brand’s territory with playtime shared by parents and children. How did we achieve this? By encouraging children to use their imagination to design and create a school playground and then take it to their parents’ office. Children and adults had 30 minutes to enjoy a unique experience: To enjoy playtime together.

We also created ES LA HORA DEL RECREO (PLAYTIME), a blog in which the brand works the playtime area, offering daily information, ideas, tips and activities for parents and children to enjoy their time together.


A potential audience of 30 million people has been reached, surpassing the target set out by the client by 187.5%.

The comments on social media confirmed that the brand had connected with its target audience and had succeeded in moving around one million mothers, demonstrating the importance of playtime in children’s lives.

The initiative’s video was viewed 920,000 times on the brand’s social media channels.

The campaign had 86 online mentions and we appeared on a number of national offline media channels, positioning our product as the ideal healthy playtime snack.

Over 85 entries on Google directly associate the Babybel brand with the word “playtime”, more than exceeding our client’s target.