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To communicate that the ABANCA Pension Plans are the best way of guaranteeing that you obtain the pension you deserve.


Unbelievable but true:
Divorces depend on milk intake.
Falling down stairs depends on how much is spent on toys for pets.
And spider bites depend on Superbowl scores.

All of these correlations, which are based on real data, form Causalities,
a campaign that shows the strangest and most unbelievable facts revealed by statistics through different audio-visual, graphic and interactive elements.

A fun campaign that not only states real facts about the world in which we live, but which also launches a message:
Our pension can be left to depend on anything, or we can make sure it only depends on us with the ABANCA Pension Plans.


Each time someone buys a new toy for their pet, they think about someone falling down the stairs.
Each time some goes to have a second glass of milk, they think about love.
And each time a Superbowl player scores…well, they score anyway, because they want to win.