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100 manners

EVO Banco

100 manners


Launch the Smart Mortgage campaign

for EVO Bank.


Smart Mortgage does something that

no other does: "When the Euribor rises, the differential is reduced automatically." Such a simple explanation that it could be told in many ways and in many different media.

We created 100 WAYS OF EXPLAINING THE SMART MORTGAGE, a digital campaign with 100 unique pieces designed for the media where they would appear and applying the idea to the entire brand content: from banners to Facebook posts, YouTube, emailings and even the loading of our website.

100 pieces simply responding to the question: "Why is the Smart Mortgage

so smart? "


With "100 ways" we got 114,000 people to simulate their mortgage. Surpassing the client's objectives by almost 90%

Thanks to the campaign landing page,10,000 people asked for an appointment at a branch to get information or sign a mortgage.